Top 4 Reasons Why .Net Core Should Be Your Next Iot App Framework

Top 4 Reasons Why .Net Core Should Be Your Next Iot App Framework

Excerpt: Based on 2021 reports, the .NET framework is the most used development framework in the world and has a market share of 34.2%. Many Fortune 500 companies use .NET in their technology stack due to its scalability. Most professional developers worldwide consider the windows operating system for software development because of its wide usability. Many surveys suggest that Microsoft .NET is the best framework for software and enterprise applications.

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Today, .NET is the best application development platform as it has robust nature and seamless future deployment processes. It has the Common Language Runtime and Framework Class Library that provides better security, memory management, and exception handling. .NET Online Training framework is highly effective and frequently used by professional developers as it provides many amazing features.

Here, we have explained the 4 major reasons why you should choose .NET as your next IoT application framework:

  1. Widely Used
  • Around six million people are .NET developers in the world. It has one of the most rapidly growing communities in the web development industry.
  • Learning this web framework is not that difficult, as Microsoft offers many online courses in the .NET framework. Some many other sites and platforms can teach you everything about .NET development services.
  • It provides secure and scalable solutions to enterprises and start-ups. Many frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, and more are available in the web development industry, but .NET is said to be the most significant due to its efficiency and versatility.
  • It has a large ecosystem supported by the most active and powerful tech communities globally. It is backed by Microsoft and encrypted with the most advanced safety and security measurements. Its framework holds significance with the largest ecosystem for building applications.
  • It is widely used as an open-source platform that allows professional developers to utilize and participate in development easily. You are not charged any money for using features of the .NET framework. It also provides community support and helps if you face any development or technical issues.
  • Most tech giants prefer the .NET framework over others because it is flawless in creating web apps with high scalability, compatibility, reliability, and security. It seamlessly meets all the attributes essential to build successful digital products.
  • It gives us a dynamic developing experience for the .NET developers and flexible and innovative processes. They can work in no-time compilation without impacting security and quality.
  • It is so popular because it is designed to allow globalization. It can be viewed easily from any device and place in the world. The .net developers worldwide can adapt their programs to work in different languages using resource files.
  1. High Productivity 
  • If you want to achieve a high level of productivity in your application development, then choosing .NET might be your best decision.
  • It runs on ASP.NET core and the Kestrel server. This web server makes .net more lightweight and productive.
  • .Net framework provides Generics, Language Integrated Query, and asynchronous programming, which results in faster development of your app. It supports new language constructs that enable professional developers to build high-quality apps in no time and helps them to be more productive.
  • It greatly increases developers’ productivity by providing great class libraries, common APIs, and multi-language support.
  • It gives you the product much faster than other frameworks because of the powerful tools the Visual Studio family gives.
  • It is also easy and faster to scale your app under .NET frameworks.
  • It makes the development work relatively faster as it allows its developers to create blueprints to reuse the objects in much software. Further, helping the developers to change the code without affecting other parts that do not require modification.
  • The Microsoft .NET framework offers the latest editors and tools. It has the best and most flexible IDEs to unleash innovative and effective techniques for developers. It enables them to take advantage of advanced editors and tools and ultimately increase their overall productivity.
  • Top companies like Accenture, StackOverflow, Microsoft, Intuit, and Intel use .NET and ASP.NET development services for their high productivity rates.
  1. Device-Agnostic
  • .Net core framework is platform-independent, which means it can be executed and programmed on many platforms. The same code can be used for the development of similar IoT applications.
  • It does not matter what specific requirement you have for your app; .NET core can easily solve it.
  • .Net developers can create seamless iOS, Android, and Windows applications.
  • Its framework also works well with high-scale microservices executable in the cloud. It works efficiently with any software and is not restricted to Windows only.
  • It is also considered to be an amazing mobile application development framework. Its framework provides the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT) that enables .NET developers to build mobile applications using drag and drop interface. The MMIT has emulators for the actual ROM code of Pocket PC devices to check the IoT apps on different sizes.
  • Net developers can build cross-platform mobile applications with the integration of Xamarin.
  • It has the feature of a web Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to create REST APIs with C# on any platform. You can build the same architecture and patterns compatible with many browsers and mobile devices.
  • It is platform-independent because it works on different versions of Windows, and its framework is also built to run IoT apps on the latest Windows Phone.
  1. Better Language and Application Support 
  • The .net core supports more than 60 programming languages to create software programs. Developers with high expertise in these programming languages can efficiently create and code IoT applications using the .net core framework.
  • .Net core framework works well with all types of languages, whether a Microsoft or Non-Microsoft programming language such as C, Ruby, C++, Java bytecode, PHP, J#, VB Script, Standard ML, Scala, and so on.
  • It can be combined with the latest front-end development technologies to get wonderful user interfaces. For instance, .net with VueJS, .net with Angular, .net with react, and so on.
  • It supports a host of integrations with several Microsoft Applications. Its framework makes it a lot easier to build IoT applications with the help of exchange servers, emails, Lync Messenger, and other MS Office applications.
  • Its framework enables .net developers to recover data easily with a single login and eliminate the problems of multiple application logins.
  • .Net helps communicate within the organization, share data, and collaborate on several projects. It enables enterprises of several domains to manage their operations in a centralized manner. It helps most of the apps in better automation of the workflow of management processes.
  • All tech companies use it because it allows you to combine the MVC structure and the web API and makes your work easier. It also allows you to modify your high-quality features to build customized applications.
  • Every developer prefers .NET because it enables them to innovate new techniques and build applications they love without hassle.
  • Its robust framework is the most secure and advanced application development platform. The encrypted security developed by Microsoft backs it up. .NET developers generally do not need to be concerned about security and can only focus on developing high-quality apps.
  • Its framework offers easy accessibility by allowing .NET developers to build cloud-based web apps. It also helps you unlock Microsoft Azure’s benefits while working on its framework.
  • .NET supports many languages and applications, and you can take suggestions and help from the huge community of dot net developers and their resources if you encounter any development issues.

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There are many more reasons to choose .NET as your next application development framework. Its framework has a fast speed of development, cross-platform capabilities, and easy deployment. It allows enterprises to build digital products and solutions with ease. There are many .NET developments companies that provide the best application services in the world.

Hence, the .NET framework provides various features and is widely used in the technology field. It is booming because many enterprises and developers prefer it to other frameworks. We hope the above 4 reasons have given you enough insight into the .NET framework to help you hire a well-versed developer or development company for your application needs.


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