Agile Manifesto Fundamentals

In this post ,we will know about “AGILE MANIFESTO FUNDAMENTALS”. Agile Manifesto covers the essence of agile software development approach with its core values and principles.

Now to understand the brief the history of Agile Manifesto, it is the outcome of the meeting of 17 development practitioners. They observed  the need of  alternate way from process and documentation oriented development method. During their meeting they agreed on four core values and the outcome was Agile Manifesto for software development. It was published in February 2001.

So to make it simple, Agile Manifesto is the document which details the values and principles of agile. It serves as the base for the agile teams to work efficiently and with collaboration. Agile Manifesto covers 4 values and 12 principles.

Now we will see in this article four core values and 12 principles of Agile Manifesto in detail. The four core values cover what agile is about.

Four core values of Agile Manifesto :










Here, we can see every value having two aspects. This means the core values does not propose or emphasize on replacing the values on the right but giving more value to the items on left. This encourages that interaction and frequent customer feedback is more valuable than documenting and following a plan.

Now, we will see the Agile Manifesto Principles . These principles cover the essence of agile.

12 principles of Agile Manifesto:

1). Earn Customer Satisfaction through continuous delivery  : 
The highest priority in agile is to satisfy customer requirements. This means delivering the software early to  customer and  welcome the feedback. In every iteration working software is given for test so that customer can test and respond to change and the work goes on with the positive feedback.

2). Change is always welcome: This focuses on respond to change. In agile all changes should be welcome even in the later phases of software development instead of following and approve document. Adapting to change works for customer competitive disadvantage. Here change means any feedback from the customer to be considered without any formal documentation and much approvals.

3). Frequent delivery of software : This means delivering a working software that values to customer in a shorter period of time. So every sprint must end up with a working software. So the work should be planned in the team so that after very sprint or iteration there are features which are in working condition and fully tested. It can vary from a few weeks to a couple of months.

4). Working together in team:  Agile motivates less documentation and more interaction. The thought is to be ready for change and accept it. As a result development team and the business people should work together during the whole cycle of the project to cater any change in any phase of the project and implement it.

5) . Motivate and trust on people working in project: All projects should be done with the motivated individuals in the team. For that team members are given right environment and support to be able to get the job done.

Agile Manifesto continued…..

6). Encourage face-to-face interaction:   We can say in agile face-to-face interaction is the most efficient way of communicating to and within the team.  This is very important when you are trying to get into root cause of an issue. So this way of communication also helps in fast and smooth transfer of information between team members.

7). Measure progress on working software :    Here, in agile we favor continuous development. Most of the time we have seen that some part in development it takes a lot of time. So effectively we cannot measure the progress. By following iterative model we can measure the progress in shorter duration since it completes the whole cycle. This the primary way of measuring overall progress in projects. All work should be in working condition to identify the actual progress.

Agile Manifesto continued…..

8). Maintain consistent pace in development : Sustainable development is the aim of agile process.  For that developers and business people should be able to maintain constant pace throughout the project.

9). Attention to detail : When we look at agile it is to pay continuous attention to design and technical excellence . So here in your agile team you have to maintain technical clarity with agility at the same time.

10). Keep it simple : Keep the things simple and show the amount of work not completed. In an agile project it is very important to use the approach which is simple to implement and change. You can modify simple approach easily and adapt the change required.

11). Self organized teams :   Agile demands self organized teams so that they do not depend frequently on other teams as the best designs and architectures always emerge from self-organized teams.

12). Reflect, adapt and adjust : Agile is not which you can pick and follow in one go. We may start with
one of these processes, but we all recognize that we can’t come up with the right process for every situation. So any agile team and their members must adapt to every situation and reflect as per the future circumstances.

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I hope you liked this article about “Agile Manifesto fundamentals. Please provide your valuable feedback to improve further. Any suggestion is welcome.


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