QA testing process in agile

QA testing process in agile

In this post ,we will know about “QA testing process in agile”. When we talk about software development, quality is everything. QA play a very important role for providing the quality along with team. now a days, 97% of organizations across globe follow agile practice in some form.

There are following four qa testing process in Agile.

1. Risk Analysis:

The main key essential part for QA method is analysis the risk in agile. following are the key points need to consider for reducing the risk analysis in testing

  1. What required to be tested first?
  2. what are the mechanism to reduce the testing effort?
  3. Count the features, which can be covered with each test cycle?
  4. How to decide what not to test in current sprint?
  5. which metrics need for measuring testing success?

We can’t do any software or application to be 100% bug free, Qa team should committed to provide  an robust error free application.

2. White-box Vs Black-box – Agile:

If we talk about the black-box testing ,no required knowledge of how a method does what it does, while  in white-box, testing team need to generate a more sound knowledge of the system’s internals.

If we perform white-box testing in better way, we can predict failure conditions of project and provide a best test situations. if QA know the fully knowledge about the system, means he can find all the possible input situations. In this way, qa can improve to identify the security difficulties.

We can say, white-box testing provide strong collaboration between Dev and QA.

3. Automation reduces the Risk :

If  QA team use the automation, they can provide better result. Automation helps also development team the courage to make adjustments to the system with the knowledge that any issue will be identified quick and can be mark fixed before given to QA team.

4. Teamwork  required for success of project:

for a fully robust and high-quality product, the efforts of lots of team and professions play a import role. Although, every has to take the project accountability for assuring excellence for quality of product. for managing the Agile Qa process, dev and qa team are the key persons who find out the root cause and support the team to deliver a very high-quality products.

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