What are Scrum master responsibilities

what are scrum master responsibilities

We will know about “what are scrum master responsibilities”. To understand in the simple terms Scrum Master is the facilitator who ensures the team follows the Scrum framework and adheres to the process.

We will understand in detail the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Master  ,but also look the roles which are misunderstood as the role of scrum master.

  1. As a secretary:  It is mostly misunderstood as only planning the scrum events agenda.
  2. Boss: The boss who always decides and controls the team and work.
  3. Admin: He is an admin who just works in tools like JIRA or TFS and provides any help if required.
  4. A scribe: Scrum Master is just here to take notes for every meeting Sprint plan, daily plan, etc.

So above are the misunderstandings/misperception for the roles of scrum master.

Now we will look at the actual roles of scrum master:

Roles of Scrum Master:

Scrum Master role varies with the different team members:

1). Product Owner:

  • The Scrum master not only provides services in different ways to team members . It also helps the product owner to get their work done more efficiently.
  • He ensures that product backlog items are clear and understood by every team member in the Team like all user stories are known to the team.
  • He facilitates Scrum events as requested or needed like sprint planning, grooming sessions, etc.

2).Scrum Team:

  • Scrum master ensures or clears any impediments which can impact the smoothing working or productivity of the team. For example, some requirements are not clear or yet pending.

3). Organization:

  • Scrum master also helps stakeholders to understand the Scrum framework and processes involved like he can take the trainings or have sessions.
  • He can help in planning scrum implementations in the organization if required.

Scrum master responsibilities :

Scrum Master is having various responsibilities which come into play in different phases of the project:

  1. Coach: Scrum Master acts as a coach to the team. He always focuses on the team to make sure that they are capable enough to resolve the problems. For example if some critical part is pending to progress the work. scrum master guides the progress and do the proper communication between team.
  2. Servant Leader: Scrum Master should have the skill to act as a servant leader. He is not the master for the team but helps the team to work in the most effective way.
  3. Impediment resolver: Scrum Master removes the impediments faced by team or team members which is blocking the team to progress or work effectively. Some examples of impediments are wireframes not available, the environment is down, etc.
  4. Process Owner: Scrum Master ensures that the team follows the processes and adheres to the Scrum framework. For that, he makes sure everyone is aware of the things to be followed.
  5. Team Protector: So the team should have productive hours to do the work. For that Scrum Master protects the team from outside interference which means to make sure that the priority is the delivery should not get impacted.

So as these roles require a lot of responsibilities he should possess the below skills:

Skills of Scrum Master:

  1. Knowledgeable
  2. Listening skill
  3. Patient
  4. Transparent
  5. Collaborative

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