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We will know step by step tutorial for “send email automation anywhere”.  Send Email command is used to automate email-related tasks like Sending emails. We use automation anywhere TaskBot to manage your email message.

Following are the keys steps for bulk email in Automation Anywhere.

  • Bulk email features is available in automation anywhere , it is used for sending multiple emails at the same time.
  • For multiple email , we use semi-colon between each email address.
  • We can send attachments with emails to users.
  • Html Format message is available fro better UI looks.
  • We can easily manage incoming email messages and download attachments to specific folders.
  • we can do clean unwanted email messages.
  • Best Communicate between the Mail server and monitor email activity.
  • For automation, we can extract email data to Microsoft office(Ms-word, excel, Notepad) to applications. Open the pop up and select either IMAP or POP3 servers.
  • Organize email messages based on status (All, Read, and Unread).
  • Always select either HTML or Plain text formats for email messages.

Following is the setting for sending Emails.










For demo purposes, set up a Gmail account. To configure its setting in AA, first, go to the AAE client.

Step 1: Tools > Options and select Email Settings from the side menu.

Step 2: The Host for Gmail is with  Port number is  465. The default Port is 25 if no other is mentioned anywhere. Change the username/Password .

Step 3: Go and check the “Go Green” message , which appends an environment footer to emails.

Step 4: Now Your setting is ready. Next step to send email command

Step 5:  Now to test the email to send use Send Email command by sending an email to yourself. The reference is as below. 






Now enjoy to send mail.

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