automation anywhere master certification exam questions

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1). Provide the name of the dashboard which provides the information on ‘Total Users’, ‘Total Bot Schedules’ and ‘Total Queues’?

Ans:- Home

2). What is the name of the dashboard widget in Web CR which provides a statistical value in the failure score of a bot and the respective bot, failure score is a calculation of the resources utilized by the CPU, memory, and hard disk (HDD) when you run the bot?

Ans:- Heartbeat Widget

3). Write the name of file formats that supports while defining the Work Item Structure in a queue?

Ans: – CSV and TXT

4). Memory Utilization Widget can be found under the which Dashboard in CR. write the name.

Ans:- Devices

5). The ‘Scheduled’ tab of Activity feature in WebCR can be used to schedule a task on clients with ?? Name ?.

Ans:- Bot Runners privileges (Runtime)

6). Which CR functionality gives the rights to estimate device pool size or time required to process a given queue size in AA?

Ans:- Workload -> SLA Calculator

7). what are the pre-defined system roles associated with Bot Insight dashboards are in AA.


  • AAE_Bot Insight Admin
  • AAE_Bot Insight Consumer
  • AAE_Bot Insight Expert

8). Name of the widgets displays bots based on their maximum processing time and the number of times they are run?

Ans: – MVP Bots Widget

9). Bot Heartbeat Widget in CR provides a statistical give the of the relationship in the failure value of a bot and the respective bot. A failure score is a calculation of the resources utilized by the system resources when you run a bot using the formula “Failure Score = 0.5*M + 0.3*C + 0.2*H”, where ‘M’, ‘C’ and ‘H’ stands for? , ?and ?respectively in Automation Anywhere.


  • Memory usage
  • CPU usage
  • HDD usage

10). Which provides a logical grouping of similar Bot Runners on which you want to run bot(s) with the work items from a queue.

Ans:- Device Pools

11). For which activities does the Audit Log capture and provides read-only records of all the important actions performed by users in AA?


  • Control Room
  • Client activities

12). Which graphical information can be found under the ‘Bots’ dashboard in AA?


  • Bot status
  • Top Failure Reasons

13). Which of the following pre-defined system roles in Web CR are associated with the Workload Management feature in AA?


  • AAE_Pool Admin
  • AAE_Queue Admin

14). What is the correct sequence of the below-mentioned steps that can be used to add a work item to a Queue? (A) Select the desired queue name from the list (B) Select ‘Insert Work Item’ command in the Workbench (C) System displays the list of attributes and their data type under Name and Data Type columns (D) Add data in the Value column and click Save in AA.

Ans:- (B) (A) (C) (D)

15). What are the two types of attribute values which can be provided while creating a credential in Automation anywhere?


  • Standard
  • User-provided

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