What’s the features of RPA tool

What's the features of RPA tool

We will  Know the step by step tutorial for “What’s the features of RPA tool ?”. Well RPA market is demanding more and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.3% between 2019 and 2025.

Following are the key features of popular RPA Tools



  • Good workflow/flowchart designer –  enables better traceability of automation with process and ease of maintenance.
  • Business objects are reusable by design
  • Supports distributed development. True enterprise level centralized Architecture.
  • Inbuilt reporting module with the lowest level of granularity and strong analytical engine.
  • Detailed transaction log available
  • Supports Role-based access control, Active Directory (AD) integration
  • The tool can get Control room data through query
  • Centralized secure credential storage and HIPPA, PCI compliant security standard.
  • Ability to provide BP components as web service – provides greater flexibility in designing an enterprise-level solution.
  • Runtime execution is fast but slower than AA
  • Good all-round functionality with a proven track record of deployment at many enterprises
  • OCR support (Tesseract

Cons :

  • Record and Play” feature not available
  • Windows 10 not supported
  • Limited browser support beyond IE
  • Version control management tool not available
  • Product Licence is costly. Need to have minimum licences.
  • Windows-based control room as opposed to the web-based control room from competitors.
  • Mainly used for Backoffice (unassisted automation). RDA / assisted automation is supported through surface automation (double-check) using events like a button click event.

Important Elements of Blue Prism:        

  • Process studio
  • Object studio
  • Control room
  • System manager and Release manager
  • Application Modeller

 2). Pega Robotics / Openspan:


  • Great RPA tool for both RDA and RPA. RDA is assisted automation where Agent a Bot work together. It requires the design of the user interface.
  • Integrated with Visual studio and great if you have DotNet/C# experience.
  • Framework components like Logging,  runtime configuration (read dynamic values from XML)  can be built as C# DLL / custom controls and import it to open span studio.
  • Text adapter/Emulator for mainframe support
  • TFS integration


  • In Visual studio .Net developers find it difficult.
  • Localized credential storage in the flat file.
  • Inbuilt work queues not available

 Important Elements of PegaRobotics/Openspan             

  • Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) support by adding windows forms
  • Adapters (Web, Desktop, Text and Citrix)
  • Global Container, Activities and Interaction manager to pass data back and forth between projects
  • Entry and Exit points

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