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We will  Know the step by step tutorial for “Kofax software”.Well, it is popular software used in the automation industry, Kofax software is free for learning. You can download the Kofax software trial version from the Kofax official website.  There you can fill up details and get a trial version of Kofax.

Kofax is an RPA software tool that is used for mostly Process management,e-signature, mobility and customer communication services. Kofax VRS is also an application developed by Kofax, used for advanced image processing, allowing for the super quality of scanned images. Kofax VRS is also provided feature of working with some non-certified and compatible scanners.

Following are the current features of Kofax VRS

  • Color Smooth
  • Automatic Crop and Deskew
  • Hole Punch Removal
  • Blank Page Detection
  • Color Detection
  • Intelligent Rotation

Kofax tool Features :

  • It is used for eliminating the repetitive, manual tasks like copy-and-paste and data-gathering
  • It is also used for integrating information from external and internal sources
  • Used for Scale robots across departments and operations
  • we can achieve end-to-end digital process automation with workflow integration

Below is the step by step guide for download and installation for Kofax software. This license is valid only for 90 days.

Step 1 : 

open the URL to download the Kofax trial software.


Firstly you have to login/signup for downloading the software. so login/signup with your valid email account. fill the right side input and click on the submit button.

kofax software


kofax software

Step 2:

Now click on the submit button then another window, then another window will open as below.

kofax rpa

Step 3:

After filling the above input form details and submit, now Thank you screen will display and wait 5-10 minutes to get the email from Kofax. Now check your email account. You will get a mail with the “Kofax Licenses end-customer” link as below.

kofax free trial

kofax software


Step 4:

Click on the above the yellow highlighted screen for downloading the free trial software.

kofax scanning software







Step 5:

Now you can download the Kofax and enjoy happy automation.

for more information, you can refer to About Kofax


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