uipath developer advanced certification

uipath developer advanced certification

We will  Know questions and their answers to “uipath developer advanced certification” in this post.

1). What should be the outcome of the Process Transaction state of the Main workflow when the application loops back to the Get Transaction Item state in the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template?

Ans:- a). Success

b). Business rule exception

2). How can you improve a selector in UiPath studio?

Ans:- a). By replacing the dynamic parts of an attribute with wildcards.

b). By adding the absolute position of the elements to the selector.

c). By using intermediate containers for better matching of the UI element.

3). Which is considered to be one of the best practices regarding the process finalization in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- a).  Leave the application in its initial state, so that we can execute the process again

4). How can a robot start an application in Citrix in UiPath Studio?

Ans: – a). By using a command line.
b). By defining a shortcut key for the application and then triggering the app with a Send Hotkey activity.
c). By double-clicking on a Desktop icon.

5). One of the steps in your process is to authenticate a web application. How can you check if the login succeeded or not in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- a). Use an Element Exist activity to check whether the login succeeded by searching for an element that is only displayed in that case.

6). How to enable the retry mechanism without using Queues, what should the value of MaxRetryNumber be set to in the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template?

Ans:- Any value greater than 0

7). What direction can the arguments of a workflow have in Uipath Studio?

Ans:- a). In arguments.

b). Out arguments

c). In/Out arguments.

UiPath advanced certification Questions

8). This is a reliable selector for a dynamic web page: web ctrl idx=’144′ tag=’IMG’/   in Uipath Studio?

Ans:- False

9). What is the difference between a Click activity whose SimulateClick property is checked and another one with the same property unchecked in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- The activity with the SimulateClick flag unchecked moves the mouse cursor over the target element, while the one with the flag set does not move the mouse cursor.

10). How does the Anchor Base activity work in UiPath?

Ans: – It searches for an UiElement using a relative coordinate position.

11). At the end of the execution of Workflow1, which retrieves some items from a database, is the database connection closed automatically in UiPath Studio?

Ans:-  The connection has to be closed using a Disconnect activity.

12). What is the best way to debug a workflow in Uipath Studio?

Ans:- a). Breakpoints

b). The Slow Step option. 

c). Highlighting activities. 

13). Why is renaming activities considered to be one of the best practices in Uipath Studio?

Ans:- a). In case of an exception, to be able to find its source activity

b). To be able to understand the processing logic without expanding each sequence or invoked workflow.

c). To easily understand the high-level business logic from a workflow.

14). What type of Output variable does all Get Mail activities to return? (POP3, IMAP, Outlook, Exchange) in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- List

15). Where can we see the logs generated by running UiPath robots?

Ans:- a). In the Output panel.

b). In the local Logs folder.

c). In the Orchestrator logs.

16). In which workflow in the UiPath Template is the TransactionNumber global variable incremented by default?

Ans:- a). SetTransactionStatus workflow

17).  Can we retrieve the color of a specific Excel cell in  UiPath Studio?

Ans:-  Yes, by using Get Cell Color

18). Can you store a Selector in a variable in UiPath?

Ans:- Yes, in a String variable.

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