uipath vs kofax

uipath vs kofax

We will  Know more details about uipath vs kofax” in this postKofax Kapow is an automation tool used for integration and process automation. Kapow  Software company was acquired by Kofax in 2013 and fits perfectly with Kofax’s First Mile™ strategy. It has the capability to perform process data from structured or unstructured databases, email systems,websites, files, web portals, also it works for legacy mainframe systems or terminal emulations. it is also used for handing automated extraction and transformation of data from many formats i.e XML,xlsx, Xls, pdf, RSS feeds and also handles APIs based on SOAP, REST, XML and JSON.

UiPath is an automation market leader in the RPA industry, which has a very robust platform to build robots and automate your typical processes with their assistance. currently, this tool is more demanded and the company is growing by leaps and bounds.

Following are the key points will consider in differentiating between UiPath and Kofax

  • How to provide a very user-friendly to start with each solution.
  • How easily handles by business users.
  • user-friendly use for IT users?
  • What is Product usage features?
  • Management Capabilities in uiapth and Kofax
UiPath Kofax
Foundation It is based on the .net framework. also, the whole tool is developed in Microsoft .net. it is based on java. it is developed in JDT. it is on basis of java and several apache products.it can run on Apache Tomcat, uses Velocity templating, an Apache Derby DB for development.
Design Both have own design studio to develop robots.

Uipath robots can be seen as true flowcharts and sequences

Kapow robot essentially is a binary tree

Product Features

-> Dashboard

-> check ETL – Extract / Transfer / Load

->Metadata Management

-> Multiple Data Sources
->check Web Services

->Multiple Data Sources

->Web Services

Company Info


Founded: 2012
United States
Founded: 1991
United States

Platforms Supported



Web Automation


It supports the desktop automation to interact with any web page via a browser
it has its own built-in engine to support web automation.

RPA Project Estimation Template Download


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