RPA effort estimation template

RPA effort estimation template

We will  Know about theRPA effort estimation template” in this tutorial. Effort estimation is the main key to any successful business. if we have more amount of information then it is the very easy and correct way to estimate the correct effort. There are lots of factors involved in deriving the effort estimation such as  No. of applications involved, process, employee automation skill, etc.

The following are the key concept for the correct estimation process of any business.

1). Requirement Searching Phase: we mostly focus on high-level requirements. hight level requirements depend on our expertise or similar project was done before or POC.

2). Planning Phase: After requirements gathering, this phase comes in the picture, where all requirement is clear and sign off is received from SME on requirements.

3). Calculate No of application:  we find how many application is there to automate. what is there complexity? The process involving 1-2 applications to automate are considered as Low and anything above 4, will be considered as High

4). Expert judgment: This is the basic method to know the project estimation. Talk to your team with the best hands-on experience and understanding of the automation requirements. Just make sure that everyone has the same in team to understand what needs to be delivered. And try to find automation experts who will actually be working on the project.

5). Analogous estimation: We calculate the estimation based on previous experience. if the current project is the same as past project then take the data from previous work and analyze its property to give estimation for new work. Before going forward, cross-check whether those projects were successful!

6). Steps involved: if more steps are required then it will consider high complexity. for Example: take if process involving steps under 100 is considered as Low and above the 500 will come high category.

7). RPA developers’ skills: The level of your RPA developers should be taken into account.

8). OCR: In case of if the business has PDF and their effort is considered. if PDF is standard then it will come in the medium category but nonstandard comes in the high category. Handwritten pdf’s are very difficult to read and output may not always be reliable. so avoid processes involving hand-written PDF’s or add a human intervention in the automation to complete that step.

9). Business Rules – Business complexity depends on increases in the effort required in implementation. If more complex Business rules mean high complexity.

10). Deployment and configuration: we also estimation time for bot deployment and configuration. more business steps/process will take more time to deploy and configure.

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