Automation anywhere iq bot

automation anywhere iq bot

We will  Know about the “Automation anywhere IQ BOT” in this tutorial. if we define IQ bot,  It is more intelligent and advances bots that allowed developers to add cognitive capabilities to processes. It required very limited help from programmers to create software robots. These robots are smarter to read and extract information from documents using AI and machine learning technologies. If we talk about Robotics process automation, it is rule-based and required human interventions for process the data.

automation anywhere iq bot
automation anywhere iq bot

AA IQ Bot resolved the main purpose for cognitive automation which is integrated with other AI solutions, it works like a bridge to fill the hole between RPA and pure cognitive platforms.

IQ-Bot-Trial-FAQ-Final pdf download

Automation anywhere supports two types of automation.

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cognitive Automation

We can create mainly three types of bot in AA.

  • Task Bots
  • MetaBots
  • IQ Bots

Basic idea about the IQ Bots features:

  • It is differentiated unstructured data types and format by applying multiple layers of classification methods.
  • IQ bot has the most unique and beautiful technique to process low-quality documents and find handwritten things.
  • It supports multiple languages around 190 with a localized interface
  • it also provides features like processing document images via mobile application.
  • provides arithmetic, logical and date functions
  • Provide Flags exceptions based on the confidence level
  • it is also capable of doing advanced AI algorithms for smarter document classification and separation
  • IQ bots are also capable to use machine learning techniques to understand patterns
  • IQ bot supports documents like invoices, purchase order and bills
  • it supports cross-field mapping
  • it also captures human expertise

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