automation anywhere certification questions

automation anywhere certification questions

We will  Know aboutautomation anywhere certification questions” in this tutorial.

1). What is a Default mode of Credential Manager in AA?
Ans:-  The default mode of the credential manager is express mode. There are two modes Express and Manual. Both modes are for Credential Vault.

2). Which Subversion (SVN) is used in AA for creating and maintaining a repository?
Ans:-  Automation anywhere supports Apache subversion. Neither visual nor tortoise.

3). Which browsers are supported in AA?
Following are the list of supported browser versions.

  • IE 10 & 11
  • FIREFOX 45,46,47
  • CHROME 49 and above
    Chrome is not supported in meta bot designers.

4). What is the use and meaning of wildcard in Automation anywhere?
Ans:- Wildcard is mostly used for extracting particular dat from a document /txt

5). Which type of script is supported by AA?
Ans:- AA support two types of scripting.
1).  Java script
2). VB script

6). Tell the name of App integration commands in Automation anywhere?
Browser, Dos Command prompt, Java Applet

7). Way of maintaining logs feature in AA?
Logs to File command is used for this.

8). Tell the name of  System variables, used to read the data from your CSV/text file?
File Data Column

9). Explain the workflow designer?
It helps you build a process flow diagram in a graphical environment. These you can subsequently use to build and run automated tasks in the program.

10). Which command is used to send and read the email using your automation anywhere enterprise client?
Email automation command is used to read the emails and send email commands used for sending the mail.

11). What are commands used to download a file in AA?
Web Recorder command is used to download a file

12). Which are the most important checks required to do during Web recording command?

13). how to assign a new set of permissions to a group of users in AA?
we use Active directory we can create a group and modify the permissions.

14). What is the AA meta bot file extension?

15). What is the task bot file extension in AA?

16). What is the AA report Designer file extension?

17). What is the workflow file extension in AA?

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