UiPath Vs Automation Anywhere

UiPath Vs Automation Anywhere

We will  Know more details about “UiPath Vs Automation Anywhere” in this post. There are lots of RPA tools are available in the current market, some are more expensive, some are very user-friendly and some so complicated that they need their own “RPA University”.

RPA is the ability to automate any rules-based process across any technology in both the attended and unattended world. But the main aim of RPA is simple, to complete the tasks which are easy, repetitive and documented by the robot. The scope of RPA is huge and wide in the market. Undoubtedly, this will be the most important thing in the future because it will replace the data entry which will be helpful to the beginners a lot. In another way we can also add one thing with the advanced tools and techniques, RPA is expected to perform all the operations just like a human perform day to day activity.

We compared UiPath and Automation Anywhere  on the below attributes assumption:

  • The simplicity of going to start with each solution.
  • Ease of use for business users
  • What is the ease of use for IT users?
  • What is Product usage features?
  • Management Capabilities
UiPath Automation Anywhere
Low cost of entry & rich feature Complex licensing costs
Community Edition for trial and enroll for the enterprise edition. Community Edition for trial and enroll for the enterprise edition.
It is more popular Least popular
Used Technologies vb.net Microsoft Technologies
Architecture Type Web-based orchestrator Client server-based
Process It is very user-friendly, more drag-drop feature, but also can we customize using script. It more developer based, so more coding required.
learning Materials More content and videos available No more content, video, and example available
Accessibility both browser and mobile access application-based entrance
Image Recognition Yes Yes
Text Recognition (OCR)
Yes Yes
Deployment Debugging highlights break in all types of project. capacity to manage high scale robot deployment.
  Just entry-level pricing in UiPath. The high cost of deployment.
Design visual process designers more script based
Re-Usability Yes Yes
Cognitive Capability Low Medium


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