File Comparison in UiPath

File Comparison in UiPath

We will  Know more details about “File Comparison in UiPathin this postComparing two similar files in the same automation project, this feature is available in UiPath Project panel.

                                                                              File Comparision feature is there in Project Panel which may be used for comparing differences between two .xaml files, either processes or libraries, as long as they contain similar workflows. This feature is also available for local copies of versioned files. also , Compare Files can be used for comparing two local or versioned project.json files part of the same project, as well as ‘.txt’ files.

Steps for File Comparing in UiPath

Step1:  Open your uipath project, In the Project panel, right-click the first file, and in the Popup menu, click Select for Compare. The file is marked for comparison.

File Comparison in UiPath














Step2: In the same Project panel, right-click the second file and click Compare with Selected. The second file is selected for comparison and the Compare Files window opens.

File Comparison in UiPath


Step3: The first .xaml selected for comparison is located on the left side of the window with the file path and the second file is featured on the right, together with its location.

Compare Files is also available for files versioned under GIT, SVN, or TFS, allowing you to compare .xaml, project.json, and .txt files part of the same automation project.

File Comparison windows Field Descriptions

  • Previous: It Navigates to the previous change in the compared files.
  • Next: It Navigates to the next change in the compared files.
  • Collapse All: It is used for Collapses all nodes in the .xaml files.
  • Expand All: Used for Expands all nodes in the .xaml files.

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