Blue Prism Features

We will learn about “Blue Prism Features” in this tutorial. Blue Prism is a set of tools, libraries, and runtime environments for Robotics Process Automation. The Blue Prism technology made for IT people and business people working together in the organization. Blue Prism has taken a simple concept, replicating user activity on the desktop, and made it enterprise level. This technology is scalable, more secure, resilient, and flexible and is supported by a comprehensive methodology, operational framework and provided as packaged group software. The technology is developed and deployed within a “corridor of IT governance” and has sophisticated error handling and process modeling capabilities to ensure it can perform at scale within demanding, highly sophisticated operating

Blue Prism V6.5  key Features

  • Google Sheets VBO:  This version is more capable to easily create and interact with google sheets to update
    spreadsheets, create workbooks, add data, work with ranges, and much more.
  • Region Editor: The mechanism for defining how to locate regions has been extended allowing for greater
    flexibility and region selection.
  • Data Gateways in BP: This feature is more userfriendly to do more with data by providing a mechanism to push data from Blue Prism to external systems such as monitoring tools, reporting engines, data stores or flat files. This contains data such as Session Logs, Published Dashboards, and new custom object data. It also provides more control for managing data in the platform – I.e it is now possible to select to only store session logs in an external system.
  • Full Japanese and Simplified Chinese(Multi-Language Interface): – Lots of areas of the Blue Prism Interactive Client can now be delivered in languages other than English. And as Blue Prism continues to be an RPA market leader in the innovative Japanese and Chinese markets, we are enabling professionally translated versions of our strong platform. Just customer can select their preferred language on the blue prism interface and you can see. Blue prism is working on more language support, additional languages will be supported in the future.
  • IPv6 Support: Blue Prism  can be deployed in environments that utilize IPv4 or IPv6 network
    protocols for all connections as well as those that use a hybrid approach, utilizing a combination of
    both protocols.
  • Tesseract OCR:  Version 6 is installed with Tesseract OCR V3.05.01. Tesseract OCR leverages pattern matching and complex, language-based text recognition and can be used where it is not appropriate to use the native character recognition engine to interact with on-screen text
  • Updates to Login Agent to bypass SAS: A new Login Agent version provides the ability to programmatically send Ctrl + Alt + Del as part of the login, to assist in situations where this security policy cannot be disabled.

Blue Prism provides the unique features and integration of v6 make Blue Prism the world’s most successful digital workforce. Only Blue Prism, a publicly held RPA leader company, which offers an authentic Enterprise RPA solution that provides true P.A.S.S. benefits, integrates with best-of-breed technologies and meets the strict compliance needs of Enterprise IT.


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