Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

We will  Know more details about Automation Anywhere Interview Questions” . Automation Anywhere is one of the more famous RPA vendors offering powerful and user-friendly RPA tasks to automate any complex tasks. It is one of the “Revolutionary Technology” that changes the way the enterprise operates. Automation Anywhere is used in diverse industries such as Finance, HR, Sales, Manufacturing.

1). What is the best approach to handle the errors in Automation Anywhere?
Ans:- Modern tools used in the scenario are powerful for this matter. The fact is automation software is equipped with an error-handling mechanism to spot the errors that often declare their presence. In case any manual action is required, the same can be done by building logic in the system. This can be done based on nature and the exact cause of the problem.

2). What is the main key feature during to decide an RPA tool like Automation anywhere?
Ans: The RPA tools must be easy to use and have test environment support available easier. It keeps the capability of debugging for smooth operations. It is quite true that testing image and objects are the important key aspects of the Automation Anywhere. Therefore, it must have the best image and object testing ability. Also, it must be support and capacity to test the database. Object identification, as well as multiple framework support, are the other features that must be there is a tool for Automation Anywhere.

3). Can we use  Automation Anywhere testing in Agile method? What are the factors that can affect it?
Ans: Yes, it’s possible. However, there are conditions in which it is not useful. The very first thing is frequently changing the requirements of Agile testing. In such a case, it is not possible to use it. Many times there is a need for the complex level of documentation. In such a situation also the testing for an agile method is not useful. However, in the case of
continuous-integration, it is possible to use it simply in AA.

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4). What are the common key steps involved in Automation anywhere process?
Ans: The very first thing is to select or consider the testing tool. After this, the next step is to define the scope of automation anywhere followed by the steps planning, designing, as well as development. Next step is Testing execution and final step is maintenance. It is necessary to follow the steps in the defined sequence to success for automation.

5). What do you think about automation? What are its benefits?

Ans:- It is basically a process to automate the tasks and process with the help of automatic tools which is based on technology. It helps businesses to consider automation as it increases efficiency and reduces the errors from several business processes and transactions. Also, human interference can be avoided up to a great extent. A number of processes can be automated with the use of specific tools and expertise.

6).  When exactly will you automate a test?

Ans:-There are particular cases when we can consider the same. For example, repeating tasks. During such a scenario, automating a test saves a lot of time as well as Human efforts and provide good quality of software. In addition to this, test with more than one data set can be made more efficient through this approach. Also, regression test cases, as well as Smoke & Sanity tests are also the conditions when automating a test is a good option. However, the final decision is always based on Return-on-Investment.


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