Word Automation in uipath

Word Automation in uipath

We will learn step by step tutorial for “Word Automation in uipath”. UiPath Studio provides the feature to work with a word using specialized activities. These activities are stored in the Uipath Word activities package.

The Word package can be downloaded from “Manage packages” when you need to work you have to install it, it’s not come by default.





You can do lots of activities in ms word in UiPath. After installing the word activities you will see below activities as below.

Word Automation in uipath







Below is the Simple word automation example.

Step 1: In this sample, we want to open two documents. One document is for reading data, and the other one is for writing data. The second document will be opened with the Word application so we can see the changes in real-time.

We read the first document (1) without using the Word application. For the second document (2) we use Word Application Scope which works with the installed Word application. In this example, we use Replace Text (3) and Append Text (4).

Word Automation in uipath














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