UiPath Invoke Method

UiPath Invoke Method

We will learn step by step tutorial for “UiPath Invoke Method”. The Invoke Method activity calls a public method of the specified object or type. Invoke Method acts on either a Target Type OR a Target Object. These parameters are mutually exclusive, so if you try to enter a value for both the Target Type and the Target Object, UiPath will display an error on the Invoke Method activity.

The InvokeMethod activity is another way to implement a code that is outside of the standard built-in activities. You can use this activity to invoke a method of a class. The class does not need to be part of the workflow or use any of the workflow base classes. The Invoke Method calls a public method of a specified object or type.

In one line suppose we have a class library/DLL in vb.net or c#, I want to call that method or want to pass some value from UiPath. The invoke method is the best feature that is available in UiPath.

Step 1: First we create a simple class library in .net and call this DLL in UiPath using the NuGet package manager.









Download Nuget Package Explorer  for putting above DLL and import in uipath studio

NuGet Package Explorer Download

Step2: create the DLL of the above program and import in uipath studio. after that open, the uipath studio and call Invoke method activities.

Step3: Now install NuGet packages into your UiPath Studio and call the library classes in uipath.

Step4:  Drag and drop the activities “invoke the method” and choose the class library class. now return will be displayed in the message box.

UiPath Invoke Method



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