Dynamic Selectors In UiPath

Dynamic Selectors In UiPath

UIPath selector is basically a plain text that is used to find a particular UI element among the running applications. It consists of an XML fragment specifying a few attributes of the UI element you are looking for and of some of its parents. In these tutorials, we will know about the dynamic selectors in UiPath.

Take an example. lets a site of Indian railway having a date picker activity then it should select the date dynamically.

for reference see below image.Dynamic Selectors In UiPath



Step 1: Open the website “https://www.irctc.co.in/nget/train-search”    use open browser activity and pass the URL — see below image for reference.

Step 2: Click on Date picker button, it will display all the dates. Now select any dates, to do use the click activity in UiPath. Then observe the selectors, as below static format.

Step 3 : use the input dialog box activity to pass the date dynamically. lets take that value in













Step 4: Edit the above static selectors, lets make dynamic by using variables that we have a dynamic date.

To change the aaname parameter which is having 10 to “”” + EnterDateNumber + “””

<webctrl aaname=””” + EnterDateNumber + “”” parentid=’divMain’ tag=’A’ />



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