Automation Anywhere Certification Dumps

Automation Anywhere Certification Dumps

Automation Anywhere Certification Dumps

Automation Anywhere is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool which is one emerging technology that has garnered a lot of attention recently. AA is a Web-Based Management System that utilizes a Control Room to run the Automated Tasks and perform the automation work. You can know here about the Automation Anywhere Certification Dumps question.

Below are the Automation Anywhere certification Questions and answers.

1). RPA stores data and enable automation, is is true or false ?.
Ans:- True

2). Which of the following is the best option to extract the data from Flattened PDF in Automation Anywhere?

Ans:-  Extract Text 

3). Choose the commands that support Secure Recording mode select one or more in AA:

Ans:- Object cloning ,Image Recognition

4). which option in Automation Anywhere is used to read entire cells in excel?

Ans:- Get all cells

5). What are the actions that can be performed in image recognition once the image is found in AA?

Ans:- Double Click, Left Click, Right Click

6). To compare, find, split and join strings which feature in Automation Anywhere can be used?

Ans:- String operation

7). If at all the Credential information needs to be stored in a centralized location, then what are all the options available Automation Anywhere?

Ans:- Automation Anywhere Credential Manager 

8). RPA interacts with multiple applications at the———–Layer in AA.

Ans:- Presentation

9). Is it possible to check broken links using a web recorder in Automation Anywhere?

Ans:- True

10). Which of the following actions can be performed by the user with a Bot runner role in AA?

Ans:-  Can add, edit and delete schedules for tasks on your Client machine

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11). The sequence of user action is captured to speed up the process definition using———–. fill the blank

Ans: – Process Recorder

12). Which of the below options are available in Automation Anywhere to activate sheet in excel?
Ans:- Sheet By Index, Sheet By Name

13). Does the PDF integration command support to extract the structured text in AA?

Ans:- Extract text

14). Which of the following activities can be performed using Read From CSV-Text Command in Automation Anywhere?
Ans:- a)Read multiple lines in CSV or text files,

b)Use encoding options: ANSI, UNICODE, and UTF8.
c)Read List Separated or Tab-delimited data from a CSV file.

15). Do all the RPA tools provide both front and back-office automation?
Ans:- False

16).PDF Integration in Automation Anywhere supports both encrypted and unencrypted files?

Ans:- True

17). fill the blank . Greater resilience is achieved in RPA through———- in AA?

Ans:- Functional approach

18). which users have privileged  to run the bots in AA?

Ans:- Bot runner, Bot Creator

19). How will we allocate an existing license from one user to another user in the same Machine in AA?

Ans:- Deactivate the existing user, create a new user and login with the credentials

20)——–Is the master repository of jobs in AA?

Ans:-Robot Controller

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