UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification Dumps

UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification Dumps

UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification Dumps

The point of certification is to prove that you are aware of the theoretical and practical basic idea about UiPath. The following are the questions and answers for  UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification Dumps.

1). Which recording wizard is used to automate UI interactions in an application that does not offer support for selectors in UiPath.

Ans: – Citrix Recording

2). Which of the following phrases are true regarding Project Organization?

Ans: – Saves time for all team members,

Is a constant concern of the robot developer

3). how do you define to create a layout of business logic in complex process automation? 
Ans: – Flowchart

4). Which activity is used to chain together multiple workflows in single automation in UiPath? 

Ans: – Invoke workflow File Activity

5). How can you manage passwords for an automation project in UiPath? 

Ans: – With Windows Credential Manager

6). Which activity is used to Get Outlook Mail Messages activity?

Ans: – MailFolder

7). Which activities allow you to iterate through an array of strings in UiPath? 

Ans: – a). while
b). For Each
c). Do While

8). Can you insert a Flowchart activity in a Sequence in UiPath? 
Ans: – Yes

9). What is the use of The Orchestrator?

Ans: – a)Remotely control robots
b). Send Start commands to multiple robots
c). Schedule robots to perform specific processes

10). How to check the UI Element is exist on the screen or not, which activity is used for this?

Ans : – Element Exists

RPA Developer Advanced Certification

11). Where can you see the variables’ values when we execute the workflow in UiPath?

Ans: – In the Locals Pane

Certification help

12). While automating an installation wizard, a pop-up window may or may not appear. What can you use to close the window without stopping the workflow in UiPath studio?

Ans:- a). use a Click activity inside a Try-Catch activity.

b). Use a Click activity with the ContinueOnError property set to True.

13). What can you use to make sure that the execution continues even if an activity fails in UiPath?

Ans : – Try/Catch Activity

14). Which of the following statements related to UiPath Orchestrator are true?

Ans:- a). Robots can be assigned to multiple environments.

b). A robot can execute many different jobs one after the other.

15).  Which activity is used If you want to wait until a UI Element becomes available on the screen in UiPath?

Ans:- Find Element

16). What happens if you use the Excel Read Range activity to read a .xlsx file that is already opened in UiPath?

Ans: – This will read the document successfully.

16). What is the way to optimize accuracy when scraping with OCR a region that contains only digits?

Ans: – Use Google OCR with  “Numbers Only”

18). Which property is used to make sure that the workflow continues even if an activity fails in UiPath?

Ans :- ContinueOnError Property

19). What happens if you try to end the execution of a job by clicking the Kill/Terminate button in Orchestrator (UiPath)?

Ans:- The execution process is killed.

20). Which property defines the amount of time in which the UI target of an activity must be found?

Ans: – The TimeoutMS property

21). Why Attach Window used in UiPath?

Ans: – Identifying the window you are working with.

22). What is the way to enable the (Clipping) Region selection mode when Screen Scraping in UiPath?

Ans: – By Pressing F3

23). Which activity can be used to modify the value of an existing cell in a DataTable in UiPath? 

Ans:- Assign Activity

24). Which of the following SQL statements can be executed by using the activity called Execute Non-Query in UiPath studio?

Ans:- a). Insert

25). where can the GetAppCredentials workflow retrieve credentials from the UiPath Enterprise Framework template?

Ans:- Orchestrator Asset

26). What direction can the arguments of a workflow have in UiPath?

Ans:- a). In arguments.
b). Out arguments
c). In/Out arguments

27). Below are the variables can be defined in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- a).GenericValue


28). Which of the following are considered best practices in uipath?

Ans:- a). Start your new sequence with a short annotation meant to explain the purpose of the workflow.

b). Think about the exceptions that might occur during the execution of the process.

29). How can you identify a column in a DataTable in UiPath?

Ans: – a). By using the column name.

b). By using the column index.

30). What type of argument can you define to pass data and retrieve the modified value from an invoked workflow using UiPath studio?

Ans:- In/Out.

31). You need to collect employee’s data and send it by email as an Excel file. What type of workflow is the most suitable for the final part, which adds the file attachment, formats the email, and sends it using UiPath?

Ans:- Sequence

32). How can you dynamically change parts of a selector in UiPath?

Ans:- By using variables to replace the dynamic parts

33). Is it possible to write to a text file without using the Write Text File activity in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- a). No

b). Update

c). Delete

34). One of the actions below is not required when starting processes with Orchestrator (UiPath)?

Ans:- Creating a queue in Orchestrator

35). What are the usages of the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework template?

Ans:- The starting point for every automation project

36). When should the  Add Log Fields activity be used in UiPath Studio?

Ans: When the standard log message is customized by adding new fields to it

37). Which of the statuses below can a transaction have? Select all the options that apply to Uipath Studio?

Ans:- a). New

b). In progress

c). Successful

d). Abandoned

e). Failed

f). Retried

g). Deleted

38). What is the best practice to stop an ongoing job in Orchestrator (UiPath)?

Ans:- By canceling it and using a Should Stop activity inside the workflow in uipath.

39). Which Queue Item properties can be used to control the order in which the items are processed UiPath?

Ans:- a). Priority

b). Deadline

c). Postpone

40). What are the functions of the Outline panel in UiPath Studio?

Ans:- a). It shows the structure of the workflow

b). If the Activities are properly named, it can be used to search and select specific Activities used inside the workflow

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