Uipath Certification Quiz Answers

Uipath Certification Quiz Answers

Uipath Certification Quiz Answers

Well, if you have gone through the UIPath training academy then answer all the questions in the “Uipath Certification Quiz Answers” are right there. This quiz is such that, once you’re done answering the questions, you can eligible for uipath certification.

1). How many types of actions can be performed in the Variables panel in UiPath?

Ans : – a). Changing Variable types
b).  Adding new Variables
c).  Setting default values for variables

2). What is the possible technique to get the content of a PDF document is available in UiPath?

Ans. First to opening the PDF and using Screen scraping to get its data.

Second to the Read PDF Text activity and providing the PDF file’s path.

3). Which activity is used to represent a decision inside a Sequence?

Ans:- The If activity

4). How can you exit from a For Each activity in UiPath?

Ans: – Break activity

5). During the running of workflow, how can you see the steps the workflow is executing?

Ans : – a).Using Debug and inspecting the Output panel
b). Using Debug with Highlight Activities option

6). How can execution be paused before a particular activity in UiPath?

Ans: – a).First to use  a MessageBox activity
b).Second to use a breakpoint in Debug mode

7). In Order to Save Attachments activity, it  can save all the attachments of an email to:

Ans : – a). A relative path
b). An absolute Path

8). What is the  Visual Basic property within the MailMessage class will you use to get the Date of an email?

Ans : – a).Headers(“Date”)

9). Which is the best optimize navigation method to be used in a form within Citrix?

Ans:- By sending keyboard commands/hotkeys

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10). What happens if Find Image doesn’t actually find the desired image in UiPath?

Ans: – An Exception is Throw.

Certification Quiz Answers

11). Which recording profile is used to generate full selectors in UiPath?

Ans: – Basic recording

12). Which activities can be used to mostly interact with the user?

Ans : – a). Input Dialog
b) Message Box

13).  In Which situation we have to use the  Flowchart workflow in UiPath?

Ans : – a).When modelling a process that has loops to previous states
b). When having a process with many decision blocks

14). In case if the PDF activities are not listed in your activities panel, how can you get them?

Ans:-  You have to install pdf activities using Manage Packages features.

15). What should you use to click on a hidden IE browser?

Ans:- a). SimulateClick

16). Why Timeout MS property is used in UiPath?

Ans : – a). To define the amount of time during which the target of an activity must be found.

17). Why Queues are used in UiPath?

Ans: – Distribute transnational load among multiple robots

18). Is it possible to click a button with Click Image Activity if the target is not visible on the screen in UiPath?

Ans:- No, you could click a button which is not visible only using selectors

19). What is the way to send an image inside a MailMessage?

Ans:- a).You can add the path to the attachment directly in the send activity.
b). You can specify the relative path of the image in the Attachments property.

20). If you need to sort a table from a .xlsx file, which feature is used?

Ans: – An excel Sort Table Activity.

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