UIpath advanced certification dumps

UiPath advanced certification dumps

UiPath advanced certification dumps

UiPath certification exam has divided in the practical and theoretical sections. Hence dumps might be very useful for such a scenario. UiPath advanced certification dumps mostly for your evaluation purpose and tests your understanding of the RPA concepts, also you can utilize it in interview questions also.

1).  In UiPath, which types of variables used to store text?
Ans). String

2). Can you insert a Sequence activity in a Flowchart activity?
Ans:- True

3). What are Queues used for?
Ans:- Distribute transnational load among multiple robots

4). How can you close a running application in UiPath?

Ans:- a).By using the Kill Process activity.

b). By sending Alt + F4 with the Send Hotkey activity.

c). By using the Close Application activity

5). What happens in case of putting breakpoints on a Click activity and start the workflow in Debug mode?

Ans:- The workflow will be paused until you click the Continue button.

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6). When running a workflow, how can you see the steps the workflow is executing?

Ans : – a).Using Debug with Highlight Activities option b). Using Debug and inspecting the Output panel

7). How many Catches can you have in a Try/Catch block?

Ans: – There is no limit on the number of catches.

8). In which scenario you use  Desktop recording?

Ans: – If you automate more steps in the same window.

9). How can you record the start of a Web application in UiPath?

Ans:- Hit Record – Web – Open Browser – select browser

UiPath Certification dumps

10). Type of arguments can you use in a workflow?

Ans: -a). In b). Out c). In/Out

11). how can you make a UI selector stable in UiPath? 

Ans : – a). Use Attach to Live Element b). Choose fixed properties.

12). Which methods can be used for reading text from a native .pdf document?

Ans : – a). Read PDF Text Activity b). Read PDF with OCR Activity

13). How can you start an application within a Citrix environment?

Ans: -a).By Double-clicking the application icon on the desktop

b). Defining a shortcut key and then triggering the app with a Send Hotkey activity

14). What will be the output of the Workbook Read Range activity?

Ans : – A DataTable

15). How can you extract a table from a web page in UiPath? 

Ans : – a). Using the Data Scraping Wizard

b). Using the Extract Structured Data Activity.

16). What will be the output of the Save Mail Message activity?

Ans: a). It saves a.eml file.

17). Which activity used to read all the data from a .xlsx file? 

Ans : – a). Excel Read Range

18). What is the slowest method of reading Text?
Ans : – a). OCR

19). How many characters does “*” replace in UiPath?
Ans :- a). Zero or More

20). What is the best advantages of the Full Text method are:

Ans).a). It work in the background with any issue.

b). it is Fast 

c). it is Accurate

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