UiPath Lesson 4 Recording

UiPath Lesson 4 Recording

UiPath Lesson 4 Recording

Lesson 4 recording provides,how we do repetitive task using automation . It  is an important part of UiPath Studio, that can help you save a lot of time when automating your business processes. This functionality enables you to easily capture a user’s actions on the screen and translates them into sequences.

These automations can be modified and parameterized so that you can easily replay and reuse them in as many other processes as you need.

UiPath studio provides us the facility to choose from following four types of recording −

  • Basic recording
  • Desktop recording
  • Web recording
  • Citrix recording

Below are the answers for Uipath Lesson 4 Recording quiz .

1). What is the difference between Desktop recording and Basic recording?
Ans : – Basic recorder generates full selectors

2). What actions can you record using Automatic Recording?
Ans : – Click
Type Into

3). How do you stop the recording?
Ans : – Escape

4). When is it recommended to use Desktop recording?
Ans :- When you automate more steps in the same window

5). Which of the following is a selector of an Attach Browser container activity?
Ans:- <webctrl id=’lst-ib’ tag=’INPUT’ />

6). How can you record the start of a Web application?
Ans :- Hit Record – Web – Open Browser – select browser

7). What recording profile would you use to generate full selectors?
Ans: – Basic Recording

8). Which of the following is a full selector?
Ans: – <wnd app=’notepad.exe’ cls=’Notepad’ title=’Untitled – Notepad’ />
<ctrl automationid=’MenuBar’ idx=’1′ name=’Application’ role=’menu bar’ />
<ctrl name=’View’ role=’menu item’ />a

9). What type of container will Basic Recording generate?
Ans: – No container

10). What recording wizard would you use to automate Virtual Machine actions?
Ans: – Citrix Recording

Conclusion :

UiPath’s Recorder allows users to record UI mouse movements and keyboard activities to generate automation scripts. The recorded activities are generated as a sequence and can be used to playback the recorded actions.


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