uipath lesson 2 quiz answers

uipath lesson 2 quiz answers

UiPath Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

We can familiar about variables using Lesson 2 quiz answers . In UiPath tools, variables are used to store multiple types of data. Another key aspect of variables is that their value can change so that you can, for example, control how many times the body of a loop is executed.

Below are uipath lesson 2 quiz answers.

1). What happens if you rename a variable from the Variables tab ?

Ans : – The name will be automatically updated in all the activities that use it.

2). How can you display an Integer value, myNumber, inside a Message Box window?
Ans : “My number is “ + myNumber.ToString

3). When should you use the Flowchart workflow?
Ans. When having a process with many decision blocks
When modelling a process that has loops to previous states

4). What is the best way to make a three-way decision inside a Flowchart?
Ans:- By using a Flow Switch activity

5). What data types can be stored inside an array?
Ans :- Double

6). What activity should you use to select one choice from multiple choices, based on the value of a given expression?
Ans :- Switch activity

7). You can insert a Sequence activity in a Flowchart activity.
Ans :- True

8). Can you insert a Flowchart activity in a Sequence?
Ans : Yes

9). Which of these are workflow types available in UiPath Studio?
Ans:- Sequence

10). When having multiple activities executing in a fixed sequential order, what kind of workflow should you use?
Ans :- Sequence

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Conclusion :

Variables are nothing but the bucket(container) for values, Variables are important in any program language or in any automation tools. without variables it becomes difficult to handle the value sin the tools.We can create variable in many ways in UiPath, We will see few ways to create them. Variables help the values to pass between different modules.

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