Lesson 9 – Excel & Data Tables

Lesson 9 - Excel & Data Tables

Lesson 9 – Excel & Data Tables Quiz Answers

Lesson 9 – Excel & Data Tables give details information about how we perform the automation using excel and datatable. Data table variables represent a type of variable that can store big pieces of information, and act as a database or a simple spreadsheet with rows and columns. They can be found in the Browse and Select a .Net Type window, under the System.Data namespace (System.Data.DataTable). For more information, see Browsing for .Net Variable Types. These variables can be useful to migrate specific data from a database to another, extract
information from a website and store it locally in a spreadsheet and many others.

Below are the answers of Lesson 9 – Excel & Data Tables Quiz

1). What activity should you use if you want to add data to an existing .xlsx document?
Ans : – Excel Append Range
Workbook Append Range

2). What is the best approach to filter data from a data table based on a condition?
Ans : – Using the ‘Select’ method

3). What activity should you use to read all the data from a .xlsx file?
Ans : – Excel Read Range

4). What happens if the AddHeaders option is checked for Read Range Activity?
Ans :- The first row from the specified range is considered to be the column names

5). What activity can you use to create a DataTable from an input string?
Ans : -Build Data Table

6). What is the Output Data Table activity used for?
Ans : – Saves all data from the Data Table to a string variable.

7). If you need to sort a table from an .xlsx file, what should you use?
Ans : – An Excel Sort data table activity.

8). What happens if you use a Read Range activity with the Range property set to “” (an empty string)?
Ans : – Reads all the information from the specified sheet

9). In order to loop through all the rows of a datatable, which activity should be used?
Ans : – For Each Row

10). How do you specify the Excel file to read from, in a Read Cell activity?
Ans : – In the WorkbookPath property, provide a relative path, if the workbook is in the project folder
In the WorkbookPath property, provide the full path of the workbook


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