Lesson 8 – Advanced Citrix Automation

Lesson 8 - Advanced Citrix Automation

Lesson 8 – Advanced Citrix Automation

Lesson 8 mostly provide the details knowledge about the citrix auomation.The tools and methods used in Citrix automation is for virtual machines, therefore UiPath cannot interpret it directly. We need to teach the robot for form filling, screen scraping etc. A virtual machine is kind of like an emulation of the computer system. The Citrix recording wizard is an important tools used in automation. We can perform the same mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, screen scraping, insert data, retrieve data etc. on the virtual environment like how we performed on desktop and web recording.

Citrix delivers intelligent analytics and user behavior insights for the enhanced security, management, orchestration, and automation of workspaces and app delivery. With Citrix Analytics, you get the network and IT visibility that allows you to control and optimize app performance, preempt threats, and secure your end-user files, apps, and devices. We give you the ability to detect and react to threats in real time based on changes in user behavior, device trust, and network conditions.

Key point related to Lesson 8 – Advanced Citrix Automation

  • Use Find Image to wait for a page or an application to finish loading.
  • It’s easier to automate such environments by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • If you want to start an application by double clicking its desktop icon pay attention to the image selection, since it will be vulnerable to background color changes or even state changes such as when the icon is selected.
  • A better way of starting an application is by assigning it a keyboard shortcut
  • If you want to run an application with parameters you can use Win + R and put in the full path of the application and add the parameters after it .
  • Always use keyboard shortcuts when possible since it’s faster and more reliable.
  • When waiting for an application to load, don’t add a delay to your actions – you  should instead use Find Image or other similar techniques.
  • When using command prompt to run an application, you can either try to use the Win + R combination or, if this doesn’t work even in fullscreen mode, try opening Start menu and typing “cmd”.

Lesson 8 – Advanced Citrix Automation Quiz Answer

1). If a Click Image activity was created with an image of an icon, and meanwhile that icon becomes highlighted, will the activity still work?
Ans : – Yes, if the clipping region avoids the background of the icon.
No, if the accuracy is too high.

2). How can we make sure that an app is in a certain state in a Citrix environment?
Ans :By waiting for certain UI elements to appear or disappear and making decisions based on that.

3). How do you reset a clipping region?
Ans : -With a Set Clipping Region activity

4). What does the Find Image activity return?
Ans : -An UI element object.

5).Can a Pick Branch activity be used alone?
Ans :- No, it can only be added inside a Pick activity body.

6). What is the EASIEST navigation method to be used in a form within Citrix?
Ans : – By sending keyboard commands/hotkeys

7). How can you start an application within a Citrix environment?
Ans : -Double clicking the application icon on the desktop
Defining a shortcut key and then triggering the app with a Send Hotkey activity

8). Imagine you have to use a Type Into activity in an element that loads slowly. Will it be a good idea to add some delays before executing Type Into?
Ans : -Yes, use On image appear and start typing only after the trigger happens.

9). What happens if Find Image doesn’t actually find the desired image?
Ans : -An exception is thrown.

10). What can be done when the Windows Remote Connection doesn’t allow sending hotkeys?
Ans : -It should work if the Windows Remote Connection is in ‘full-screen’ mode.

Conclusion : 

UiPath is an super tool that allows you to build desktop automation for virtual applications which are accessible through Citrix or remote desktops. You will be introduced to some of the basic and helpful ways in working with UiPath for Citrix by manually indicating the steps and specifying actions of each activity.


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