Lesson 11 – E-mail Automation

lesson 11 email automation

Lesson 11 – E-mail Automation

Lesson 11 mostly  described about E-mail Automation. UiPath Automated emails can be sent as an particular message or as a part of a huge email drip campaign. For example, when on boarding new customers, instead of sending just one email, you could send them a whole series, guiding them one step at a time through the ins and outs of your product.

That’s the beauty of email automation: You set up the email once, and as people meet the trigger you defined, the email will send without any additional effort on your part. It essentially “automates” your email marketing for you.

Automated emails have become an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. Thanks to them, you can reach your audience exactly when they need it and when they are most likely to convert.


Lesson 11 – E-mail Automation Quiz answers

1). What is the supported variable type in the Output property field of all Get Mail activities (POP3, IMAP, Outlook, Exchange)?
Ans: – List (MailMessage)

2).If you are using the For Each activity to loop through a list of MailMessage variables, what should you set the TypeArgument property to?
Ans : – System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

3).What activity can you use to send an email without entering the username and password of the email account?
Ans: – Send Outlook Mail Message

4). The Send Outlook Mail Message activity will work without having Microsoft Outlook installed:
Ans : – False

5). Which of the following properties are found in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity?
Ans : – MailFolder

6). If you want to get only filtered MailMessage variables, what activity should you use?
Ans : – Get Outlook mail messages

7). Will The Get Outlook Mail Message activity delete the emails from the account after it reads them?
Ans :- No

8). Which Visual Basic property within the MailMessage class will you use to get the Date of an email?
Ans : – Headers(“Date”)

9). What activities can you use to send an email message?
Ans : – Send Outlook Mail Message.
Send SMTP Mail Message.

10). The Save Attachments activity can save all the attachments of an email to:
Ans : An absolute path.


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