Lesson 10 PDF Quiz

Lesson 10 PDF Quiz

Lesson 10 pdf quiz  describes about pdf related task.  PDF has been one of the most reliable formats to store data. From hyper-growth companies to small enterprises each and everyone stores data of various kinds in such format.The Read PDF activity is used to extract data from the PDF files which have Text only. So, in case there is an image in the PDF, this activity would not be the right activity to be chosen, as it would not extract the data present in the image.

Below are the answers of Lesson 10 PDF Quiz

1). How can you specify the location of a PDF file?
Ans : – As a full path to the PDF
As a relative path

2). What is the easiest way to get the invoice number from a native PDF file?
Ans : – Open the PDF with Acrobat and scrape only relevant information

3). Which of the following methods can be used for reading text from a native .pdf document?
Ans : – Read PDF Text activity

Ui Automation (open .pdf document in Adobe Acrobat Reader, then Get Text)

Read PDF with OCR activity

4). Will the Read PDF with OCR activity open the PDF document on the screen in order to read it?
Ans : – No

5). If the PDF contains both images and native text, what activity should you use to read all the text from it?
Ans : – Read PDF with OCR

6). How can a robot read only the first page of a PDF file, using the PDF activities?
Ans : – Set the Range property to: “1”

7). What activity should you use to extract all the text from the PDF file?
Ans : -Read PDF Text

8). If the PDF activities are not listed in your Activities Panel, how can you get them?
Ans : – By installing them using the Manage Packages feature.

9). We have a native PDF invoice and we need to read the amount in USD next to the label AMOUNT. What methods can we apply to get the desired value?
Ans : – Open the file in Acrobat Reader or any other compatible PDF reader and use Anchor Base with the label as an anchor
Use the Get Text activity with a reliable selector (if available) in order to only retrieve the amount from the PDF file.

10). If you want to extract specific information from a series of PDF files with a similar structure but the workflow only works for one file of the series, what should you investigate?
Ans : – The Selector property.


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