Differences between UiPath and Blue Prism

Differences between UiPath and Blue Prism

Differences between UiPath and Blue Prism

Blue prism and UiPath both are used for automation work .UiPath is the better tool for those who don’t have good programming knowledge and is becoming the next leader in RPA technology and
implementation. If you are good in programming field,then blue prism is very powerful tool ,you can customized in C#.net. Below are the differences between Uipath and blue prism.

Robots Support Attended and Unattended Robots
UIPATH’s ideology of having attended robots is to facilitate all workers to have a robot to be more efficient and effective.
Unattended Robots Only
BLUE PRISM is only designed to work in corporate environment with only unattended robots.
Exception handling Traditional “Try Catch” activity


Re sizable blocks can be used and altered easily to cover around steps to use try cat functionality.
Debugging Less Effective Debugging
Debugging in UIPATH is difficult,you cannot make changes during the debugging execution.You can only see value of variables during the process & cannot change them for testing.
More easier  Debugging
Blue Prism lets you interact with variables and scenarios dynamically to est and resolve issues.
Readability of process Limited

Fixed sized and limited positional activity elements.

Superior Custom sized,positioned,and color-coded process elements
Process Flow Capture Macro recording feature
Automatic wait for object on web pages
No Macro Recording Feature

Need of “Document Loader” action to wait for object to load on web page.

Source Control Source Control options build-in in studio.
TFS and SVN can also be used.
Git and Bitbucket cannot be used.
Allows Comparison between two version of file for conflict resolution.
Process flow Design Weaker
Loosely coupled libraries with their imports in process

Separation in Objects and Process

Deployment A process in studio can only relate to one Orchestrator at a time,so you have to reconfigure to switch between Staging and Production Import export of packages makes it easier in Blue prism.
Integrated with other Systems Easy webservice based integration Relatively easier Web service based integration
Application Integration Easily intractable with other application
including Word,Email,Excel etc.
Easier identification of objects on image on bit complex
Easily intractable with other application including Work,Email,Excel etc.
A bit complex to identification of objects on image on the screen.
Development Background No Development background is necessary,but knowledge of HTML/CSS and Vb Script helps It is easier to learn for C# developers.
Certification Many free certification available online


Only one certification program
Data Picking structure data is possible.Working with structured datatype is very a bit simple. Picking structure data is possible.Working with structured datatype is very a bit complex
Tools Used SharePoint,Kibana,Elasticsearch C#
Cognitive Capability Low Medium
Mobile Mobile Mobile and browser-based access Desktop application access only

For Reference : Uipath Tutorials

Conclusion :  Blue Prism and UiPath can be used to interchangeably, if you have knowledge of any one tool, you can easily switch to the other tool as well. Concluding, both the tools are good, but if you are a beginner and want to learn RPA. UiPath will be the best choice.

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