Uipath Orchestrator Quiz Answers

UiPath Orchestrator Quiz Answers

We will  Know aboutUipath Orchestrator Quiz Answers”. UiPath Orchestrator in command, your entire virtual workforce is controlled, managed and monitored securely in one place. UiPath Orchestrator is a server-based application that lets you orchestrate your Robots, hence the name Orchestrator. It runs on a server and connects to all the Robots within the network, whether Attended, Unattended, or Free. It has a browser-based interface that enables the orchestration and management of hundreds of Robots with a click. Orchestrator lets you manage the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources in your environment, acting in the same way as an integration point with third-party applications.

Orchestrator’s main capabilities:

  • It helps in creating and maintaining the connection between Robots
  • It ensures the correct delivery of the packages to Robots
  • It helps in managing the ques.


1).  How can a process that has more package versions be updated?

Ans. -> The only option is to deploy a new process with the desired package version.

2). Which of the following data types can be stored as Assets?

Ans.    Integer




3). Which options can be used to stop a running process?

Ans.    Stop


4). Which options and actions can be triggered on the Packages page?

Ans.   View all published packages

Delete package versions

5). Is using the ‘Publish’ button in Studio the only way to upload a package to Orchestrator?

Ans.  No. Packages can also be published via the Packages page in Orchestrator

6). What is Orchestrator used for?

Ans: Remotely controlling any number of robots and performing workflow management

7). How can a job be initialized using Orchestrator?

Ans. -> Manually, from the Jobs page

At specific times, using Schedules

 8). Which of the steps below are required in order to establish a connection between a robot and Orchestrator?

Ans -> Provisioning the Robot in Orchestrator

Configuring the Robot on the local machine using the Orchestrator URL and the Robot key

10). Which Studio activity is linked with the Stop command in Orchestrator ?

Ans.-> The Should Stop activity

11). Can we set up a reviewer for the Failed Transactions?

Ans.-> Yes

12). What happens if the status of a Transaction in progress is not updated within 24 hours?

Ans-> Its status is changed to Abandoned

13). Is it possible to reprocess a transaction in a Queue after its failure due to an    

       application exception?

Ans.->  Yes if the Auto-Retry property of the Queue is enabled

Yes, it can be retried manually on the Transactions page

14). How can the processes in a schedule be assigned to the robots in a specific environment?

Ans.-> Processes can run on all the robots in an environment

Processes can run on specific robots in an environment, depending on the user’s


Processes can run on a specific number of robots, depending on the user’s choice

UiPath Orchestrator Questions

15). What are the statuses that can be set manually for the transactions that failed due to an application exception?

Ans.-> In Review



16). What is the purpose of the Queues section in Orchestrator?

Ans.-> To store data that is processed by multiple robots

 17). A Robot is executing a workflow that uses the “Log Message” activity with the ‘Info’ level. If the log level of the robot is set to ‘Error’, does the *Info* log appear on the Orchestrator Robots > Logs page?

Ans.-> No, only the log messages of type ‘Error’ and ‘Critical’ are displayed on the Orchestrator Robots > Logs page

18). Where can you check whether a job was scheduled or manually started?

Ans.-> Go to the Jobs page and check the Source column

19). What filter types are available for Jobs?

Ans-> State


 20). Select only the specifications that are mandatory when deploying a process:

Ans-> The package name

The package version


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