blue prism using web services

blue prism using web services

In this pdf, you can know details information and step by step tutorials for blue prism using web services. Currently, BP supports the calling of soap service, in settings you can expose a web service and call it in your process. Once implemented, Blue Prism quickly becomes a secure repository that contains detailed information about the various systems and business processes that are available to be processed and worked by the virtual workforce provided by Blue Prism.

Some Key Points.

  • Web services are natively SOAP, WSDL-based services. Blue Prism can expose Business Objects as SOAP services and consume an external SOAP web service.
  • BP also provides support for REST web services via a series of VBOs (REST, HTTP, JSON).
  • Blue Prism can consume REST web services using the REST VBO; however, it cannot expose REST web services and does not provide native support for creating them.”

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