How To Index Your backlinks Fast


How To Index Your backlinks Fast ( 100% Working)
How To Index Your backlinks Fast


Lets say you have build a bunch of backlinks to your site, But for some reason it is not getting indexed

There is no use If the backlinks aren’t getting indexedIt has wasted your time, money and energy

In this Post, lets discuss the points and steps to be taken in order for your backlinks to get indexed in search engines especially Google
So Let’s get into it

Why are the Backlinks not indexing?

For some reason if you do not know the difference between crawling and indexing
Here is their difference- Crawling means Google will first crawl throughout your page to analyze your site, its source code, links, etc and determines if it fits to be indexed in the Google
Google determines various factors before indexing a page
So if your page is indexed, so does your links

There are many reasons why your Backlinks are not getting Indexed

  1. The content surrounding your links is not Unique : Plagiarised content is a factor why your backlinks may not be getting indexed
    Google will see the content as a duplicate content
    Normally this kind of articles or links in the articles are hard to get indexed
    The quality of the backlinks will have much more authority if it is surrounded by Unique content
  2. Your Links are Spammy : 
    Try not to cry over not getting links suck and malicious
    Google normally doesn’t index low quality and valueless backlinks
    Or You might be posting on Spammy sites which Google has raised a warning
    Keep away from them                                                                              
  3. The Content Is Thin :
    Majority of the top ranking sites in Google ordinarily has a word tally of around 1500-4000 words
    So if your backlink is coming from an article with just around 300-400 word, at that point quite possibly Google won’t index them
    Rather, ensure the articles to have at least 1000 word                                
  4. Posting with no-index : No-Index obstructs a site from being getting indexed by the Search engineSo if you are getting a backlink from a No-index site, you just waste your time and energy building that link, unless you reach out to the webmasters and change it into indexable page by removing the no-index tag
How To Index Your Links Fast (Works Most Of the Time)
    1. Let It Happen Naturally : Google will normally index your backlinks if it meets their requirementsIt ordinarily takes around 5 days to a month to get indexed normally

      But if the backlinks are of high quality and are coming from authoritative blogs or websites, there is necessarily no need to further proceed, because it is sure to get indexed naturally

      However, I figure since you are seeking to get your backlinks indexed. This won’t be the answer for you

      So how about we proceed onward to the following stage

    2. Ping The Links : Pinging sometimes helps to get your Backlinks Indexed, its basically sending Google a signal to recrawl the page                             But i don’t recommend you to expect to expect a huge result from it           There are many free Ping Service out there                                                        Some of the most common Pinging sites are-  
          1. Twingly
          2.  Twingly
          3.  Pingdom
          4.  Pingler
          5.  PingFarm
          6.  BulkPing
          7.  PingBomb
          8.  Pingoat 

There are some people who go overboard of pinging tht url in all the sites
There is no need for that
If you ping once, that will be enough to send google the notification
They basically perform the same function                                                  

    1. Use Backlinks Indexer : Backlinks Indexer is a cloud based software that index all your stubborn links
They also claims to have an index rate of 100%

Some of the Service they claim to provide are:  

      • Ping Each of the Link Individually
      • They will Submit your links to several Authority Blogs
      • Provide your links with Social Signals
      • Build Web 2.0 Links
      • Provide Permanent Backlinks
      • RSS Aggregators
      • Provide Wiki Links
      • Share your links to get Social Link Juice
    • Web 2.0s : By now your backlinks might be already indexed 
      But if it is no indexed

      By creating a web2.0s sites and paste the backlinks here will definitely help in indexing faster
      Here is a list of free blogging sites-
      Next, Go ahead and Create an account on all these free web2.0s sites
      They are all free. There are also paid plans but in our case there is no need for that After you Create an accounts to all these sites, go ahead and create a new blog post on all the sites
      The article should have a minimum of 900-1500 word article
      After you finish writing the article on all the sites, go ahead and paste around 7-9 backlinks per post using a naked link anchor text
      If you Create a blog post on each of these 7 sites and pasted 9 backlinks on each of the post
      Then, 9 Backlinks×7 Sites =63 Backlinks
      If you create another new blog post on all of them, it would result in 129 backlinks . Continue on till all the backlinks needed to be indexed are finished
      The next thing you need to do is just publish the post and wait for around 4days – 1 week to get indexed. Sometimes it may also take longer than 1 week to get indexed.
      Once it is indexed, Google will automatically crawl the site with the links in the post and index them naturally                                                           

    • Submit To Google Search Console:To be honest this one must be in the first step But if you are indexing a bunch of indexing backlinks each day. It might raised an alarm to Google
      So if you are gonna index PBN backlinks or other backlinks which doesnt fully meets the requirements of google
       So if you are gonna index PBN backlinks or other backlinks which doesnt fully meets the requirements of google
      I would not recommend indexing through the Search Console

      I would not recommend indexing through the Search Console                           

      How To Index Your backlinks Fast


    • Social Signals : If your backlinks are not getting indexed till now given the circumstances that you follow all the above steps, then this might be the answer for you

But if it is not yet  indexed, Throw in a some Social Signals to get social juice.It not only helps in indexing but also increase your site trustworthinessThere are several sites that sell social signals and the most common of them are SEO Clerks, Fivver, SEO ButlerTIPBuild links only from Relevant Blogs and related to your niche and industryFor example, let’s say your blog is about Business,Financial Consulting, etc and if you get a backlink from Food ingredients sites. Then Those type of links will not have much weight when  compared to a backlink from a blog related to finance and marketing, etc



I really hope this article helps you in case you are struggling to index your        backlinks
Seriously If you follow all the above mention procedures , Chances are your      links may already be indexed by now

Is there a secret way to get your backlink indexed?

Either way feel free to drop a comment below

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