hotdocs basic tutorials

 hotdocs basic tutorials

hotdocs basic tutorialsIn our daily office life, we may need to create custom documents for clients or customers.using this post,you can learn the basic idea about hotDocs automation about document. Mostly we use manual technique to search through the document and replace the text that needs to be changes with the new information. This whole process takes more time and error-prone if we have thousands of documents. Using HotDocs, we can easily can do without time consuming and error free. You have to transform any document into an interactive template by marking changeable text with HotDocs variable.
          HotDocs Developer is the key piece of software that lets you create HotDocs templates from Word, Word Perfect or PDF documents. Developer allows you to create templates and use those templates to create flawless, customized documents. All of our other products (User, Server, Document Services, etc.) can only deploy templates in different environments (desktop, server, and cloud, respectfully) – they cannot create or edit templates. That means in order to use any of our other products, you need at least one copy of Developer.
HotDocs Developer saves you both time and money by increasing your efficiency and reducing how long it takes to create routine documents. Some of our customers are saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars compared to when they had a different, more cumbersome document creation process. With HotDocs, all it takes is a simple question-and-answer interview or a database connection to create documents in a matter of minutes. No cutting and pasting, no editing or proofreading, no errors in the finished product.

Below is the HotDocs process,from template development to document assembly:



HotDocs document automation:

  • HotDocs document Automation
  • Transform word processor documents and PDF forms into document generation templates.· Transform word processor documents and PDF forms into document generation templates.
  • Works inside your word processor.
  • Easily insert simple and computed variables into text.
  • Create formulas for computed variables of virtually any sophistication.
  • Easily format variables (for example, no matter what format a system user chooses to enter a date in a field, the date will be merged into the document in your pre-specified format).
  • Merge repeating information into a document in any format (i.e. in a bullet list or into a sentence with proper punctuation).
  • Easily designate conditional text and create conditional formulas of any complexity.
  • Share variables and formulas across word processor documents and PDF forms.
  • Define libraries of optional clauses.
How can we integrate HotDocs :
  • Integrate HotDocs interviews into custom or commercially available web applications and workflows.
  • iframe technology enables rapid integrations.


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HotDocs Developer gives you the ability to transform documents, such as contracts, wills, trusts, court forms etc., into powerful templates. Templates save time, money, and yield better quality documents than the old cut-and-paste/search-and replace method.
 Any structured, rule-based document can be transformed into a template, no matter how lengthy or complex it might be. For text-based documents, HotDocs Developer works inside your word processor. For graphical forms (PDF files with fields and checkboxes), HotDocs Developer includes a PDF automation environment. HotDocs Developer utilities an easy to learn and use select-and-click approach to inserting variables and embedding business logic into using HotDocs,we can easily transform our business document in proper format for quick work.

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